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Public Sector Business Intelligence


Public Sector Business Intelligence


The DAVHILL Group is a Business Intelligence, data analytics, information management company. We provide consulting services and software systems for Federal, Provincial, Municipal and large private Corporate service organizations.

Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to implementation of business intelligence software, development and implementation of AI and Machine Learning solutions, data management (consolidation cleaning and migration), database and analytics software integration, business intelligence analysis, forecasting and simulations, interactive information visualizations and dashboard development.

Announcing the Data Action Lab

DAVHILL Group is proud to announce the founding of the Data Action Lab, a collaboration between DAVHILL, Sysabee and Idlewyld.

The Data Action Lab was founded to provide a broad range of training courses in data appreciation, data engineering and tools, data analysis, and data science.

“How to” Articles

Ever wondered how to automatically convert a date to a GOC fiscal year, or how to get started in R or even the basics of Neural Networks?

To provide easy to follow resources DAVHILL Group is contributing to the Data Action Lab blog where a number of technical and non-technical “How to” articles are posted every week. A subset is linked on our Articles page and click on blog posts to get the full range of Data Action Lab topics including useful Power BI DAX code for Canadian Federal Government, Data Visualizations, Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data Analysis, Data Engineering and Tools, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Power BI and R with many more to come.

Government Business Intelligence Training Events

DAVHILL Group is currently running a series of training events targeted at Federal Government employee professional development based around best practice in Data Visualizations and Business Intelligence. For more details on the courses being offered see our Training page.

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