Reliable, clean data is the foundation for any integrated organization strategy. At DAVHILL we ensure that the appropriate data for any given project is identified, cleaned and visualized in the most effective way to provide the maximum benefit.

We specialize in "spreadsheet syndrome", where organizations become overly reliant on the storage, manipulation and reporting of data from distributed and uncontrolled data sources. We have considerable experience in creating short and long term data solutions that provide an effective and user friendly way for all stakeholders to enter, analyse and report on vital information that is used by the organization.

Data comes in many forms, as well as typical tabular data, our data professionals are also experts in GIS and CAD systems and can safely clean, update and migrate data between many standard enterprise and custom platforms.

Our data scientists are also able to effectively analyse small and large data and have expertise in data modeling and visualization. This enables organizations to transform the way they operate by putting decision making tools into the hands of the employees in the right format at the right time.